The Courtship of Winds publishes poetry, fiction, short dramatic pieces, essays, photography, art, and short pieces of music. We accept submissions throughout the year.  Please read the guidelines for the specific type of work you are submitting.  Please do not submit work in a particular genre more than once in a six-month period.

Simultaneous submissions are fine, provided the author immediately withdraws any work accepted elsewhere.  Courtship does not publish previously published work.

You should expect a response within six months.  We regret that we cannot currently pay for accepted work.  

Recognizing the importance of the upcoming presidential election, the winter issue of The Courtship of Winds will be a special Election issue and will be published before the election.  We are looking for submissions that in any way address some aspect of our current political situation.  Submissions should still be works of art, as opposed to simple diatribe.  Other than that, there are no narrow restrictions.

Submissions for the Election issue are open until October 1.  Follow the regular guidelines for the specific genre of the work you are submitting.

Submit 2-10 photographs or images of artistic works.  
We are interested in essays that offer insightful observations of social, political or philosophical matters and which are written in an engaging, accessible style.  Sharp, concise literary analysis, reportage, and travel writing are also welcome. Length should generally not exceed 10,000 words.
Submit up to 6 poems.  We are open to all subjects and styles.
We are interested in short verse plays and one-act plays.
We are open to anything from very short fiction (aka "flash fiction," though we don't love that term) to substantial short stories or excerpts from novels.  Length shouldn't exceed 10,000 words as a rule.  
We are interested in short pieces (20 minutes max) of music that fit somewhere in the areas of contemporary classical, avant-garde jazz or experimental/progressive rock.  We're not looking for anything that could be called conventional or "easy listening."  Excerpts from longer works are fine.
The Courtship of Winds